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Second Bill of Rights for the 21st Century
IN this new day and age of the 21st century of the Common Era, with new challenges ahead for the human race, we the people have adopted a new universal bill of unalienable rights to be added to the original Constitution of the United States of America and to be followed alongside the original Bill of Rights and its succeeding amendments. We have expressed a desire, in order to ensure that all human beings are treated with dignity and respect, to create this Bill for the betterment of all, most importantly the marginalized, weak, destitute, oppressed, and downtrodden.
ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of this Second Bill of Rights, demanded by the People to be proposed by Congress and ratified by the Legislatures of the United States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.
Article I
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Second Bill of Rights, regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other ideology, socioec
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Advisor says Drudge hurts white house
According to White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer, it is inconvenient when media outlets dare to offer a narrative that runs contrary to the White House’s official spin.
That’s terrible- I mean, after all, what is the media but an expression of the official Party line for the President, right?
On Wednesday, Pfeiffer said that the Drudge Report, the online news digest that shook up the traditional media by offering an alternative to the lapdog liberal media, “hurts” the Obama message.

Read Article:
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Yugioh Abridged Vs. The Police State
The following episode of Yugioh Season Zero Abridged contains a joke about the "YouTube Police Department" which can easily be a critique of the current police state:
VIDEO: YGO Season Zero Abridged #3Yugi: Have you ever arrested someone who was innocent?
Officer: Oh, all the time! It's crazy how many people we arrest that didn't do anything. I mean, we probably arrest more innocent people than we do criminals. He he he. It's crazy!
Yugi: Doesn't that seem like kind of a flawed system?
Officer: Of course not! This way, everybody who breaks the law gets punished.
[This is what the YPD actually believes]
Yugi: But so do the innocent people.
Officer: Look, I don't claim to understand the law. I just enforce it, blindy and without hesitation.
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Second Amendment crumbling
The Second Amendment got attacked this week from three sides, leaving gun owners scrambling to find safe ground. While President Obama has lost momentum for federal gun-control laws, he has picked up victories with his allies in blue states and at the United Nations.
After Thursday, Connecticut should consider changing its state nickname from the “Constitution State” to the “Unconstitutional State” after Gov. Dannel Malloy signed an extremely restrictive gun-control law. The bill passed the state House Thursday morning and the Senate on Wednesday.
Before the Newtown tragedy, the Brady Campaign determined that Connecticut was the fifth highest-rated state for restrictive gun-control laws. Adam Lanza ignored those laws — such as including stealing the guns, carrying them without a permit and violating the federal “gun free” school zone — in his evil mission to murder school children and teachers. '
Connecticut lawmakers decided that its
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Major web companies and public interest groups announce Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality


Contact: Evan Greer, 978-852-6457,

Organizations behind largest online protests in history plan massive action on July 12th. Initial confirmed participants include Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, Reddit, Mozilla, Vimeo, GitHub, and Y Combinator

Internet activists and major websites have announced an “Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality” scheduled for July 12th to oppose the FCC’s plan to slash Title II, the legal framework for net neutrality rules that protect online free speech and innovation.

See the announcement for the day of action here:  

 The effort is led by many of the grassroots organizations who have organized the largest online protests in history including the SOPA blackout and the Internet Slowdown. The day of action will focus on grassroots mobilization, with public interest groups activating their members and major web platforms providing their visitors with tools to contact Congress and the FCC.

 The organizing for the day of action has just begun, but already as of today’s announcement more than 30 public interest groups and 15 major companies have signed on in support of the effort.

Companies participating include Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, Reddit, Mozilla, Vimeo, Y Combinator, GitHub, Private Internet Access, Pantheon, Bittorrent Inc., Shapeways, Nextdoor, Patreon, Dreamhost, and CREDO Mobile. Organizations participating include Fight for the Future, Free Press Action Fund, Demand Progress, Center for Media Justice, Internet Archive, World Wide Web Foundation, Creative Commons, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Greenpeace, Common Cause, ACLU, American Library Association, Daily Kos, OpenMedia, The Nation, PCCC, MoveOn, OFA, Public Knowledge, OTI, Color of Change, and many others.

Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, said: “The Internet has given more people a voice than ever before, and we’re not going to let the FCC take that power away from us. Massive online mobilization got us the strong net neutrality protections that we have now, and we intend to fight tooth and nail to defend them. Politicians in Washington, DC need to learn that net neutrality is not a partisan issue and Internet users will not tolerate these attacks on our basic rights – we will come together to protect the web as an open platform for free expression and exchange of ideas.”

Michal Rosenn, General Counsel at Kickstarter, said: “A threat to net neutrality is a threat to the free exchange of ideas that creative culture and an informed public rely upon. Kickstarter, and the tens of thousands of creators who have brought new ideas to life through our platform, all depend on a free and open internet. We’re proud to stand alongside so many others today to preserve net neutrality, and to protect the freedoms that make the internet such a powerful force.”

Malkia Cyril, executive director at the Center for Media Justice, said: “Communities of color across the United States depend on an open Internet to thrive. From resisting police violence to demanding fair wages – the political voice and economic opportunity that the Internet enables must remain protected by Title II net neutrality. Trump’s FCC seeks to wall these communities off from the power of the internet as a mobilizing tool and an equalizer. On July 12, we will stand together with activists, Internet users of color, advocacy groups, and tech companies to preserve democracy by defending our Internet.”

Michael Cheah, General Counsel, Vimeo, said: “Net neutrality made it possible for Vimeo, along with countless other startups, to innovate and thrive. The FCC’s proposed rollback of the 2015 open Internet rules threatens to impede that innovation and allow a handful of incumbent ISPs to determine winners and losers. On July 11th, Vimeo will proudly join our fellow tech brethren to rally Internet users nationwide to demand strong net neutrality rules to prevent ISPs from manipulating Internet traffic.”

Mark Stanley, communications director of Demand Progress, said: “The FCC’s plan to dismantle net neutrality will unfairly pad the bottom lines of Comcast and the rest of Big Cable, while undermining the public’s ability to freely communicate, organize, and innovate. Every few years, a threat so severe confronts the open internet that people, organizations, and companies from across the political spectrum—including some of the largest online platforms—must band together in common cause to fight back. The FCC’s ongoing effort to roll back net neutrality protections represents just such a threat — and on the July 12th day of action, we’ll once again use the transformative power of the internet to defend the internet itself.”

Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, said: "At Y Combinator, the startup accelerator I run, we have proudly supported thousands of entrepreneurs and more than 1,400 businesses, including companies like AirBnB and Dropbox. Companies like these have gone on to change our lives for the better—how we work, how we eat, how we live. They could grow and compete, and ultimately consumers choose who wins and loses online. Without strong net neutrality rules, though, I’m concerned that the cable and wireless companies that control internet access will have outsized power to pick winners and losers in the market.”

Free Press Campaign Director Candace Clement said: “It’s like déjà vu. The last time Net Neutrality came before the FCC, internet users across the political spectrum swamped the agency with comments demanding strong Net Neutrality protections. The internet won’t go down quietly in 2017 and on July 12 people, companies, organizations and websites will let everyone know that the Trump FCC lacks a public mandate to take away our online rights. We will make it impossible for Chairman Pai to continue to cling to the sorts of alternative facts against Net Neutrality that we’ve proven to be wrong time and again.”

Denelle Dixon, Mozilla’s Chief Legal and Business Officer, said: “Net neutrality is vital to a healthy Internet: it protects free speech, competition and innovation online. It’s also something a majority of Americans support — 76%, according to a recent Mozilla-Ipsos poll. By reverting to a Title I classification for ISPs, the FCC is endangering Americans’ access to a free and open web. The FCC is creating an Internet that benefits ISPs, not users.”

Zachary Rosen, CEO of Pantheon, said: “We started Pantheon to make it easier for organizations big and small to succeed on the Web. But if strong net neutrality rules under Title II go away, it’d put both us and our customers’ innovation at risk.”



Plz help spread this info as far and wide as possible


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