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Bun-E flar by Pfaccioxx Bun-E flar by Pfaccioxx
made using sprites from Pokemon HGSS & ORAS obtained from edited in Paint.Net by me

the design is based on verios lore depicons of him, & this event , the sword is partly based on the fact that Bun-E knows cut witch is usualy depicted as the mon using a sowed to cut things (unless your from Elf World in witch case it's a chainsaw) & cos of my headcanon witch states that Zom-B became a Zom-Bunny after Bun's old rescue team partner (a Honedge) from before he became Cyan's pokemon saved his life by giving up all of it's life force to revive Bun-E from curten death (the Zombie thing being a side effect of that)

...honestly I'm not overly satisfied with how it came out in the end (ex. I wanted to give Bun-E a coat, but did'nt think I could make to look good without wrecking what I'd already done) so if someone thinks they can improve on this, feel free to, all the sorse editing files (Paint.Net is needed to open them) and sevrol PNG files of the flairs are in the DA download

the caricter is Bun-E from TwitchPlaysPokemon Prism who is a male Lobunny who due to some game glitchs ended up turning into a glitch pokemon after curten in game events cosed Bun-E to be the only party pokemon and entering battle wile fainted (0HP) and this event is often depicted as being a Zom-Bunny

Update: tweaked the glitch frame so the pixalason is semi transparent so people can better make out the figure in the glitched hover frame, I also releaced the old verson of that frame in the pev. imige here with the new version (nothing has been removed from the download, the 2 changed images have been added to the ZIP as seprite images)

Copyright data:
> Pokemon and all it's caricters are owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company
> Twitch Plays Pokemon was made and is owned by the Twitch Plays Pokemon Streamer
Twitch Plays Pokemon Lore is made by the TPP Twitch Chat and Reddit communality and is open soused
> This icon was made by me using sprites obtained from via edited using Paint.Net
> Flair made by me
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October 16, 2016
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