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Day of the (Un)Dead: Zombie RISE! by Pfaccioxx Day of the (Un)Dead: Zombie RISE! by Pfaccioxx
On this day the spirit world and the world of the living are linked, on this day those who are dead can be reseracted, but those who return may not be how they once were, who they were may no longer by what they become after reseracted, and any damage or decay of there body's is not repaired, be carfol not to use the power that only comes this time of year in a way it was not intended, for if you are not carfol the dead will rise from there graves, there powers will manifest against you and you will be consumed by them... or worse yet, you'll become one of them!

Ok real talk: I'm currently holding a Halloween / Mexacen day of the dead themed event / mini/contest on the twitch plays pokemon subreddit so of coarse I had to make something for it, so what did I make, I did a pic. of twitch plays pokemon's Eevee from there Pokemon XD: Game of Darkness run, (commonly referred to by the reddit community as "Rise" due to his habit of air bending to preform his attacks)... as an undead zombie

Copyright stuff:
> Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak
> Twitch Plays Pokemon was made and is owned by the Twitch Plays Pokemon Streamer
Twitch Plays Pokemon Lore is made by the TPP Twitch Chat and Reddit communality and is open soused
> Link to the Reddit comments for this Pic.:…
> Pic. made by me, Pfaccioxx using Coral Draw & Paint.Net
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November 1, 2016
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