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Rise the Eevee Water Stone rejection by Pfaccioxx Rise the Eevee Water Stone rejection by Pfaccioxx
a pic. I made as part of a very large colab project done in celabrason of Twitch Plays Pokemon's 1000 day anavercery witch you can find here:…

This pic. depicts a moment from Twitch Plays Pokemon's XD Gale of Darkness run were we got a water stone for our cubbly little buddy... only to acadently toss it... commonly depicted as Rise rejecting the stone and choosing not to evolve into a Vaporeon

This individual pic. was also in and of it's self a colab in and of it's self with a redditor called /u/Zokor who took the basic lineart skeleton I made for my last pic. staring Rise the Eevee and turned it into what you see here and without who's help this pic. would not have turned out nearly as well as it did, or wouldn't have gotten finished at all

To those wondering when I'm going to be posting the other pic. I made for the colab. project, I'm not... at least not anytime soon, I feel that pic. was rushed and could have turned out better then it eventually did, so I'm planing to rework the pic. and flesh it out wile taking my sweat time doing so until I feel satisfied with it at witch point I will post the reworked version to DA and then subsequently reddit

> Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak
> Twitch Plays Pokemon was made and is owned by the Twitch Plays Pokemon Streamer
Twitch Plays Pokemon Lore is made by the TPP Twitch Chat and Reddit communality and is open soused
> Link to the Reddit comments for this Pic.:…
> Pic. made by me, Pfaccioxx (with help from /u/Zokor) using Coral Draw & Paint.Net
> The Twitch Plays Pokemon Day 1000 giant colab. pic. project was started by: /u/GlaceonMyst
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November 9, 2016
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