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Foreword: A while ago on YouTube I announced that I would make a new moveset for Pichu that DE-cloned him, kept his electrical feedback damage thing, and most importantly, MADE HIM GOOD!

And then I joined DeviantART and lost track of all my YouTube projects, however I have since finished the moveset, and so I've decided to upload the raw text version here so that people can enjoy it and see once and for all that PICHU DOES NOT SUCK!

So without further ado, I present Pichu's new moveset, enjoy!

(and if anyone from Nintendo reads this feel free to use any part, or even the whole thing for Super Smash Bros 4, I don't even care if you don't credit me for it as long as you make Pichu a playable character in SSB4)


Pichu's Moveset:

Ability: Static: As Pichu's damage get's higher it's electric attacks get stronger, also certain non-electrical A moves gain added electrical effects based on Pichu's damage. At high damage if Pichu is attacked the attacker (assuming there not using a projectile attack) will gain a very small amount of electrical damage, when Pichu's Static is at full power it is possible for characters to occasionally get 1% damage just from running past Pichu (or visa versa), Static power max's out at around 90 -110% damage

Up B: Quick Attack (tweaked): Works like in SSBM however Pichu will only get damage from the 2nd dash, The 1st dash of this attack go's as far as it did in SSBM and if it hits someone they will take 1% damage and that's it. The 2nd dash creates a very small electrical discharge briefly at the start of the 2nd dash, if someone is hit by the discharge they will take a small and the amount of electrical damage and knockback based off Pichu's static. But if someone get's hit by the 2nd dash they will only take 1% damage

Basic B: Thundershock: Same as in SSBM except it does a maximum of 1% damage 2 Pichu each time it's used and occasionally it doesn't damage Pichu (1/6 chance), it's range and power are based off of Pichu's static (At Minimum static: Range: 3/4 of Pikachu's basic B, Damage/knockback: same as Pikachu Basic B / At Max Static: Range 3/4's more thin Pikachu's that of basic B, Damage/knockback: 2.5X to 3X then that of Pikachu's Basic B)

Side B: Pain Split: Pichu starts charging up power for up to 2 and a half seconds, if Pichu unleashes the attack before it's fully charged Pichu will trip and the attack will fail, once fully charged the charge can be held up to 1 additional second before Pichu unleashes the attack automatically. when a fully charged the attack version of the attack is unleashed Pichu will preform a very short range ramming attack (the exact range depending on Pichu's current static level with a higher amount of static making the attack slightly easier to hit with), if it hit's an opponent Pichu will emit a brief flash of light from it's body and it's current damage will be halved while the opponent will receive damage equal to the amount Pichu healed and will be briefly stunned for about a second afterwards. If the attack misses Pichu will take 1% damage. (Does no knockback)

Down B: Endure: Pichu will brace for an attack, if Pichu is attacked the damage Pichu would take is reduced to 3/4's of what it would normally take and knockback would be negated, on top of that Pichu would then give off an Electrical discharge damaging anyone nearby Pichu (damage and knockback given as well as the size of the discharge would be routhly equal to 1/4 of the damage Pichu would have normally received multiplied by the amount of static Pichu has built up (at extremely low static the multiplication factor would by 0.5 to 0.8 while at max static it would be up to 3)

Final Smash: Ukulele Time: Pichu pulls out it's Ukulele from "Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs" and starts playing it emitting small electrified music sound-waves (similar to the one's made by Donkey Kong's Final Smash but yellow) from it, anyone hit by one of these sound waves will receive 5% electric damage and be briefly stunned (exactly how long is based on the opponent's damage and Pichu's static level). As the FS goes on Pichu starts gradually playing the ukulele faster and making the sound waves bigger and stronger thus causing more damage (going up to 19 - 23% per hit). this will last for about 30 seconds or so (during which Pichu is invincible, and will be able to walk slowly across the stage as it plays the ukulele and perform a very small jump) after which Pichu will finish its Final Smash with a quick cord unleashing a large electric shock wave (the size of which would very slightly based on Pichu's static level) causing 20% damage and high knockback to anyone hit by the attack. The sound waves would range from being a little smaller then one of the failed sound waves from Donkey Kong's Final Smash to being just slightly smaller then the length of SSBB's version of Final Destination, with the final shock wave being slightly bigger than that. Pichu will also heal 1% damage for every hit the attack makes.

A moves: Pichu's A moves are mostly quick non-electrical physical strikes with decent damage (some of which will cause small amounts of extra electrical damage (which do not damage Pichu) when Pichu's static get's high enough) which are good for quickly racking opponent's damage gauge up. Pichu also has a few electrical attacks here and there (most of which cause anywhere from 1-2 % damage each to Pichu) the power of which is determined by Pichu's current static level. Most of Pichu's Smash attacks involve electricity in some way shape or form and cause up to 4% damage to Pichu based on how long the attack was charged for and if it hit anyone or not. A few of Pichu's SSBM A moves also return only tweaked to take advantage of Pichu's new Static ability

(Idea inspired by by smashkote) Extra Moves: Each character would have a few extra or secret moves that can be performed under special circumstances

Extra Move 1: Thunder Wave: When at max static (or near max static) if you hit A while Pichu's running Pichu will use Thunder Wave sending out a small wave of electricity in front of Pichu while stunning any opponents hit for a bit as well as doing a small bit of damage. There is no lag whatsoever after using this move but Pichu can't use it again until it is idle for at least a second and a half afterwards

Extra Move 2: Ladder Shock: If Pichu passes by someone climbing a ladder the person (while climbing it or just by passing by the person) when at high static the person climbing the ladder will be shocked taking a small amount of damage and let go of the ladder going into special fall.


Up Taunt: Pichu's standing up taunt from SSBM (will cause 1% & no knockback (medium static) to 2% & very very low knockback (Max static) damage per second to anyone coming in contact with Pichu during the taunt)

Down Taunt: Pichu's Ground taunt from SSBM (starting at 25% maximum Static briefly electrifies ground causing 1% damage to anyone going through electrified area (amount of time if lasts are based off of current static)

Side Taunt: Takes a small nap allowing Pichu to heal 1% damage every second taunt lasts about 2 to 6 seconds but can be ended early if A or B button is pressed during the nap (if you do this Pichu is still vulnerable for about a half second to 1 second afterwards)

Kirby Hat: Same as in SSBM

Snake's Codec:

Snake: Hay Otacon what's this thing that looks like Pikachu?

Otacon: Oh! That's a Pichu! It's the Pre-evolved form of Pikachu!

Snake: Pre-evolved?

Otacon: As Pokemon gain experience from battle and get older their bodies undergo a metamorphosis called evolution to transform into a more developed form.

Snake: So it's basically a weaker version of Pikachu.

Otacon: Er, well not necessarily.

Because it's body isn't fully developed yet it's electricity isn't controlled as much and can shock people just by touching them. Also it's fast and coupled with it's small size it can be a difficult target to hit. So do not underestimate it!

Snake: Ok, I get it, I won't let my guard down.

*End Transmission*
A long time ago I promised my subscribers on YouTube I'd make a new moveset for Pichu that made him GOOD wile keeping all the things that made Pichu, Pichu including that "I damage myself when I attack, thing"

So here it is at long last

and I have to say I'm quite prowed with how this came out, not only do I believe I sicseadid in my goal to make Pichu good, I think I may have made Pichu a bit overpowered! (lol)
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Sonictails54321 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
I kinda have something similar to that.

Side B-Wild Charge: It's stronger than Skull Bash, but Pichu will only take 1/4 the damage if it hits the opponent.

Down B-Bide: It's like counter, but you can still take damage like in the games. Basically, Pichu will get Super Armor,take the damage and shoot a beam at the enemy, but the attack is 2x powerful like the games.
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015   General Artist
Well, I haven't made the custom moves for Pichu, I might have to keep these in mind
Videogamer80 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This sounds awesome. Now if only someone could hack this into smash 4 or brawl.
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014   General Artist

 I am kinda hopping that sakeri will steal this idea, (or at lest part of it) to make pichu a DLC caricter, I would LOVE it if someone were to hack this into SSBB, if someone wants to do it they have my full permission to use this to do so, and all I would ask for in return is that thay let me know when the hack was done so I could try it out for myself

that sead I'll probobly update this later on to factor the custom moves maniac from SSB4
Lucyann-san Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really really like this! It makes me want to see Pichu return in Smash with this exact moveset, just so we can see how broken he is, and also make the Roy and Mewtwo fans cry. X3
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014   General Artist
Thank you
Yea, that would be awesome, I do hope Mewtwo comes back, but I REELY want to see Pichu come back (even if it's just as a DLC caricter)
Lucyann-san Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
People never got the chance to see Pichu's epicness
Navoid0 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is detailed! I wish Pichu was still in brawl. I found out that Sakurai didn't put certian of Melee characters in Brawl because he didn't have enough time and bowser and King Dee Dee Dee were also supposed to be in the first smash bros for 64.
kelpiebreeder Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
ehhh, you made his ability like Lucario's but more broken, and Pichu can't even learn Pain Split so i'm not sure why that's in there.

Side b could be like Fake Out or something. Anyone who even dares to use a pichu in NFE battles uses fake out.

also... "proud" not "prowed" lol
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013   General Artist
It is simaler to Lucario's abilaty, but the fact that it's more powerful then Lucario's is counteracted that without it, Pichu is quite weak, wile lucario, even without it's Power boosting aura ability can still be a danger to fight against if used by the right person
Actually the Spiky-eared Pichu [link] from Hart Gold and Soul Silver knows Volt Tackle, Helping Hand, Swagger, and most inportently Pain Split

Pain Split makes more sense as it gives Pichu a way to heal it's self wile at the same time dealing potincaly lots of damage at the same time, and besides all pain split dos in the games it stuns your opponent just long enough for them to waste there attack wile dealing some minamul damage, wile in this move set not only dos Pain Split do that it also let's pichu heal damage, and deal potincaly lot's of damage at the same time
kelpiebreeder Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
Well i guess it's like Project M Ivysaur, but idk. Doesn't make sense for pichu to have all that. You've got some OP ideas, but it would fit better for a different pokemon.

Plus Pain Split averages both pokemon's health to be the same. Doesn't really "damage." It's used as a toxic stall tactic. Say that meta Knight is at 100% while Pichu is at 50%, if Pain Split is used, they will both be at 75%.
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013   General Artist
If I gave this moveset to a different pokemon it would defeat the entire perpice of me making a moveset to make Pichu a viable de-cloned (non-joke) caricter in Smash

I know that's how it would work in the games, however in the smash Bro's games, caricter moveset's are not perfect representations of there sorse game moves (Ex. Jigalypuff's rest attack, in the Pokemon games the Pokemon go's 2 sleep for 2 turns and heals any damage and/or stat conditions they had at the time the move was used, in the smash bro's game Jigalypuff go's to sleep and hit's anyone to close to it at the time with a shock-wave dealing lots of damage and Jigalypuff heals little to no damage) meny of witch altered to fit the game stile of the smash bro's series better
sinpirate2012 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Every character should have an ability that gives them an edge in combat.
evilwaluigi Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
I really like how much you tried to balance out the DMG Pichu does to himself allowing it to benefit him to a degree not bad at all :)
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013   General Artist
Thank you :D
4dojo Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
ssbb4 with pichu?
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013   General Artist
an SSB4 moveset for pichu that's realistically balanced and makes pichu good wile still keeping all the things that make Pichu, Pichu

I really like pichu and want to see him come back in SSB4 (even if it's just as a DLC caricter) and wanted to prove 1'se and for all that Pichu could be made into a viable non-joke caricter for Smash
GMYumil Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Ummmm.... Pain Split is OP.
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013   General Artist
well maybe a bit, but overall I think it's balanced as it takes a little bit to fully charge, if you unlech it before it is, then it fails's, you can't hold it for very long, it has a very short range, if you miss it results in you tripping, it's power is dependent on how much damage you have (IE. little damage = the attack doing almost nothing) and even if you hit with the attack, it dos'nt do any knockback
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