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TPPStupid: Ego TV by Pfaccioxx TPPStupid: Ego TV by Pfaccioxx
the 5th Episode of my Twitch Plays Pokemon Stupid periody series witch you can find out more about on the Twitch Plays Pokemon Stupid Series Hub / FAQ Post

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here, Ep. 5 (and before you ask what happened to 4, it egsists, it's just I want to turn it into a comic as I feel it will work better as such as opposed to as a GIF anamason like this... but if your to impatient to wait for that there is a probobly won't end up being as good as the final version GIF version available

at any rate, some of you may recognize parts of this from Ep. 0, witch was made to promote Twitch Plays Pokemon's at the time upcoming run of Pokemon Coloceom (yes they beat the game, and aspects of it's (and other run's) lore made it's way into this episode), and that's cos from the beginning I planed to expand Ep. 0 into a full Ep. (it just took me bloody forever to do so), but if your interested in A7's full broadcast feel free to check that out

if you read all the way thew this thank you, sorry for the wait, and that I hope by making more episodes into comics (thoth different from Ep. 4) I'll be able to make episodes faster

Copyright/Series data:
> Link to the Reddit comments for this episode:…
> TPP Stupid is made and owned by: Pfaccioxx (AKA me)
> Pokemon and all it's caricters are owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company
> Twitch Plays Pokemon was made and is owned by the Twitch Plays Pokemon Streamer
Twitch Plays Pokemon Lore is made by the TPP Twitch Chat and Reddit communality and is open soused
> This animation was made by me using Flipnote 3D
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October 1, 2016
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