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Yutle the Mock Turtle by Pfaccioxx Yutle the Mock Turtle by Pfaccioxx
a cheap thing I thew together as a concept for an online friend of my'ne's comic cos she was'nt sure about the concept art she made for the caricter

the cariter is from Twitch Plays Pokemon were during our Anaverery Red run our rival picked an eevee as his starter, then in our 2ed battle with him that eevee was suddenly a squrtle due to a programming glitch, leading to the lore that the eevee had murdered a squrtle and was wearing it's sell, it later evolved into a Vaporeon

and before anyone asks the 2 versions are Yutle just with the squrtle shell and Yutle wearing some cotton around his head fins and tail to better disguise himself... also it's suttee but if you zoom in you can see that Yutle was a bit sloppy when apying that wite nail polish to his claws

EDIT: added a 3ed face to show off how semi-suttle lighting / shadeing can help make someone look more menacing (Yutle stop being such a creeper! your starting to creep ME out Keepo )

EDIT2: added a 52X52 sized icon based on this art to the download along with it's WIP wile, just cos I felt like doing so on a whim

(all sores stuff in in the zip download and is free to use)
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July 17, 2016
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