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Major web companies and public interest groups announce Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality


Contact: Evan Greer, 978-852-6457,

Organizations behind largest online protests in history plan massive action on July 12th. Initial confirmed participants include Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, Reddit, Mozilla, Vimeo, GitHub, and Y Combinator

Internet activists and major websites have announced an “Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality” scheduled for July 12th to oppose the FCC’s plan to slash Title II, the legal framework for net neutrality rules that protect online free speech and innovation.

See the announcement for the day of action here:  

 The effort is led by many of the grassroots organizations who have organized the largest online protests in history including the SOPA blackout and the Internet Slowdown. The day of action will focus on grassroots mobilization, with public interest groups activating their members and major web platforms providing their visitors with tools to contact Congress and the FCC.

 The organizing for the day of action has just begun, but already as of today’s announcement more than 30 public interest groups and 15 major companies have signed on in support of the effort.

Companies participating include Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, Reddit, Mozilla, Vimeo, Y Combinator, GitHub, Private Internet Access, Pantheon, Bittorrent Inc., Shapeways, Nextdoor, Patreon, Dreamhost, and CREDO Mobile. Organizations participating include Fight for the Future, Free Press Action Fund, Demand Progress, Center for Media Justice, Internet Archive, World Wide Web Foundation, Creative Commons, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Greenpeace, Common Cause, ACLU, American Library Association, Daily Kos, OpenMedia, The Nation, PCCC, MoveOn, OFA, Public Knowledge, OTI, Color of Change, and many others.

Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, said: “The Internet has given more people a voice than ever before, and we’re not going to let the FCC take that power away from us. Massive online mobilization got us the strong net neutrality protections that we have now, and we intend to fight tooth and nail to defend them. Politicians in Washington, DC need to learn that net neutrality is not a partisan issue and Internet users will not tolerate these attacks on our basic rights – we will come together to protect the web as an open platform for free expression and exchange of ideas.”

Michal Rosenn, General Counsel at Kickstarter, said: “A threat to net neutrality is a threat to the free exchange of ideas that creative culture and an informed public rely upon. Kickstarter, and the tens of thousands of creators who have brought new ideas to life through our platform, all depend on a free and open internet. We’re proud to stand alongside so many others today to preserve net neutrality, and to protect the freedoms that make the internet such a powerful force.”

Malkia Cyril, executive director at the Center for Media Justice, said: “Communities of color across the United States depend on an open Internet to thrive. From resisting police violence to demanding fair wages – the political voice and economic opportunity that the Internet enables must remain protected by Title II net neutrality. Trump’s FCC seeks to wall these communities off from the power of the internet as a mobilizing tool and an equalizer. On July 12, we will stand together with activists, Internet users of color, advocacy groups, and tech companies to preserve democracy by defending our Internet.”

Michael Cheah, General Counsel, Vimeo, said: “Net neutrality made it possible for Vimeo, along with countless other startups, to innovate and thrive. The FCC’s proposed rollback of the 2015 open Internet rules threatens to impede that innovation and allow a handful of incumbent ISPs to determine winners and losers. On July 11th, Vimeo will proudly join our fellow tech brethren to rally Internet users nationwide to demand strong net neutrality rules to prevent ISPs from manipulating Internet traffic.”

Mark Stanley, communications director of Demand Progress, said: “The FCC’s plan to dismantle net neutrality will unfairly pad the bottom lines of Comcast and the rest of Big Cable, while undermining the public’s ability to freely communicate, organize, and innovate. Every few years, a threat so severe confronts the open internet that people, organizations, and companies from across the political spectrum—including some of the largest online platforms—must band together in common cause to fight back. The FCC’s ongoing effort to roll back net neutrality protections represents just such a threat — and on the July 12th day of action, we’ll once again use the transformative power of the internet to defend the internet itself.”

Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, said: "At Y Combinator, the startup accelerator I run, we have proudly supported thousands of entrepreneurs and more than 1,400 businesses, including companies like AirBnB and Dropbox. Companies like these have gone on to change our lives for the better—how we work, how we eat, how we live. They could grow and compete, and ultimately consumers choose who wins and loses online. Without strong net neutrality rules, though, I’m concerned that the cable and wireless companies that control internet access will have outsized power to pick winners and losers in the market.”

Free Press Campaign Director Candace Clement said: “It’s like déjà vu. The last time Net Neutrality came before the FCC, internet users across the political spectrum swamped the agency with comments demanding strong Net Neutrality protections. The internet won’t go down quietly in 2017 and on July 12 people, companies, organizations and websites will let everyone know that the Trump FCC lacks a public mandate to take away our online rights. We will make it impossible for Chairman Pai to continue to cling to the sorts of alternative facts against Net Neutrality that we’ve proven to be wrong time and again.”

Denelle Dixon, Mozilla’s Chief Legal and Business Officer, said: “Net neutrality is vital to a healthy Internet: it protects free speech, competition and innovation online. It’s also something a majority of Americans support — 76%, according to a recent Mozilla-Ipsos poll. By reverting to a Title I classification for ISPs, the FCC is endangering Americans’ access to a free and open web. The FCC is creating an Internet that benefits ISPs, not users.”

Zachary Rosen, CEO of Pantheon, said: “We started Pantheon to make it easier for organizations big and small to succeed on the Web. But if strong net neutrality rules under Title II go away, it’d put both us and our customers’ innovation at risk.”



Plz help spread this info as far and wide as possible


FCC ignores growing evidence of fraud, moves ahead with plan to slash net neutrality protections

Posted 12:40 EDT on May 18, 2017

Contact: Evan Greer,, 978-852-6457

New evidence raises even greater suspicion about flood of fraudulent anti-net neutrality comments. Numerous individuals have confirmed that personal information was used to file comments without their permission, data analysis shows likely connection to stolen databases.

Today, the FCC voted to move ahead with its plan to slash net neutrality protections, despite overwhelming public outcry and growing evidence of serious fraud by net neutrality opponents.

Fight for the Future is calling on Internet users, the FCC, and state Attorneys General to investigate this potential case of mass identity fraud. The group has launched a website:, where Internet users can check if their personal information was used to file a comment without their permission and contact the authorities to request an investigation.

“The FCC is still refusing to release proof of an alleged DDoS attack that silenced voices in support of Title II net neutrality protections, and now there is significant evidence that a person or organization has been using stolen names and addresses to fraudulently file comments opposing net neutrality,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, “If this FCC has any legitimacy, it simply cannot move forward until an investigation has been conducted. We need to know who is doing this, if Ajit Pai or other FCC officials knew that it was happening, and whether any of this illegal activity has been funded by companies like Comcast and Verizon who have a long history of financing astroturf groups. State Attorneys General should immediate investigate whether people in their state were affected by this, and the FCC should immediately release any and all information that it has about who is submitting these fake comments.”

Here’s what we know:

  • Numerous media outlets have reported that more than 450,000 suspicious comments – all containing the same misleading rhetoric, many submitted in alphabetical order and in perfect formatting, opposing net neutrality protections – have been submitted into the FCC’s docket. It seems extremely likely that a significant portion of these comments are completely fake, and were submitted using real people’s names and addresses without their permission.

  • Journalists have spoken to many people whose personal information was used to file an anti-net neutrality comment who confirmed that they never filed such a comment. 

  • Various security researchers have noted that a significant portion of the suspicious anti-net neutrality comments use names and addresses found in breached databases including River City Media and Modern Business Solutions. Statistical analysis shows a much greater percentage of the anti-Title II comments use information found in leaked/stolen lists than other comments.

  • Fight for the Future directly interviewed more than a dozen people and confirmed that they had not filed the comments in question, nor had they signed any petitions that could conceivably have used that comment text. Our campaigner knocked on doors in her zipcode in Tampa, FL and spoke in person to several people whose information had been used to file a comment without their permission. We interviewed these people thoroughly and ensured that they understood the issue well enough that they could not have filed a comment and forgotten about it. 

  • The FCC has refused to show evidence for its claim that a DDoS attack took down their site during the exact same time that large numbers of pro net neutrality comments would have been flowing in from John Oliver’s segment on Last Week Tonight. Security experts and even a former senior FCC staffer have disputed their unfounded claims, raising questions about whether the agency is actively trying to silence supporters of net neutrality while knowingly accepting fraudulent comments opposing it. 

  • Fortune has reported that if you remove the suspicious comments, 97% of the remaining comments are in support of Title II based net neutrality protections.
  • In 2014, it was widely reported that a group allied with the cable & telecom lobby, American Commitment, rented space on several email lists oriented towards older conservative voters and sent misleading emails soliciting comments to the FCC opposing net neutrality rules. Given the large number of comments they collected (~1 million) the cost of the list rentals would have been extremely high.
  • It was also reported in Politico in 2014 that the American Commitment letter was submitted to members of Congress using suspicious, out-of-district addresses, including from constituents who didn’t recall sending such a message.
  • The text of the misleading anti-net neutrality comment has been tied to the relatively unknown group Center for Individual Freedom. The group claims that they have been collecting signatures through an online web form, but that form does not appear on their website or social media. It would be extremely unusual, if not impossible, for a letter that is not visible on the web or social media to attract even tens of thousands of signers, much less hundreds of thousands. The only way to accomplish that would be to spend potentially tens of millions of dollars on list rentals and advertising.

Fight for the Future encourages journalists to investigate this situation, and is calling for the FCC to disclose any information it has pertaining to the alleged DDoS incident and the person or organization behind these likely fraudulent comments. Further, we encourage journalists to ask Cable companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T whether they are funding this activity, or providing funding for groups that could be engaging in this activity.

plz share this as widely as you can,

for more info on what Net Neutrality is and why you should care about it watch:  and/or

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As some people might have noticed I've been gone for around a mouth,

I ran into some sudden unexpected IRL problems that prevented me from using the internet on my home computer (witch is the only computer I feel comfortable loging to DA from)

this has since been fixed (hence how I'm able to log in to post this short Journal)

In the immortal words of Satoro Iwata "Please Understand" I've got a mouth's worth of backlog to catch up on so if you sent me a comment or something over the past mouth, that's why I haven't replied to it yet, I well get to it as soon as I am able, but it may take me a day or 2 to fully catch up, so yea. but unless something unexpected happens I should be able to get back on track with stuff hopefully quickly

EDIT: also almost forgot, if your birthday has been within the time period that I was offline then happy (late) birthday
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Major internet activist group Fight for the Future alongside meany other groups such as Private Internet Access, National Farmers Union, Friends of the Earth, American Federation of Musicians and more have all come together to host an event to speck out against, and inform and educate people about the Trans-Pacific Partnership "Free Trade" agreement in the from of in the form of a massive nation wide concert tour. 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would negatively effect most people living in the USA and meany other countries including Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and at least 7 other countries witch is passed by US congress would have dire consequences on the internet, the environment, food safety, give major cooperators to usurp governments on anything under the pretence of it effecting there "expected future profits" and much more.

For more info on this campaign, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), or to obtain tickets (for dirt cheap prices) to an upcoming Rock Against the TPP show, visit the official website for the event at:
Sorry about the title, limited tile space and all

anyways I received this letter in my E-mail from internet actavest group Fight for the Future, and felt it was worth sharing both cos of good news in regards to the fight for Net Neutrality, and to bring to light something else that threatens it

For those who don't understand what Net Neutrality is, here's a video by Stephen Colbert explaining it

now that you hopefully understand at least a little better what Net Neutrality is without further ado, here's a copy paste of that E-mail


Today is the day!

The top appeals court in the US just decided in favor of the net neutrality rules we fought so hard to win. Net neutrality is the law of the land and one of the cable industry’s best shots at overturning the rules has come up empty.

Net neutrality, or the open Internet, says that no company can slow down or block websites as a basic first amendment rule of the Internet. Now, the courts just decided that the strongest possible way to protect that rule—the worst-case scenario envisioned by Comcast—is completely and fully legal!

Being told this win was impossible is a sting we can still feel today. But after we worked together to submit a record breaking 4 million comments to the FCC, camped out at their headquarters, called for Title II when we had little political cover, and brought together thousands of companies to take action with us, we got the largest win against entrenched interests this decade.

But this isn’t over. Partisan and heavily-funded attacks have been piling up. Make a monthly donation so we can build the campaigns that reach millions more people and definitively undermine their plans.

Can’t donate right now?

Take action to make sure the FCC doesn't allow new ISP schemes that can undermine net neutrality.

Fight for the Future signed on as intervenors in the USTelecom vs FCC case, so it's especially nice to win this one. This watershed victory reminds us we can break down the status quo and win big if we stay tenacious. (Here's a little refresher on how we won.)

But—surprise!—this fight is not over.

There is still a giant loophole in the net neutrality rules that we need the FCC to fix. If we don’t, net neutrality could be undermined by “sponsored data” programs and the Internet could become less open than if we never won the rules in the first place.

Then there’s Congress. Earlier today, House Speaker Paul Ryan released his legislative blueprint that includes plans to weaken the FCC’s authority to enforce net neutrality.

And last but not least, the broadband industry has already said they are going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Clearly, we need to keep fighting. But we need your help.

Take action to make sure the FCC doesn't create fast lanes by allowing “sponsored data” programs.


Donate today so we can keep this fight alive until net neutrality is secured for good.

Want to see how this fight was won—we made this timeline of the fight so you can do that!

Thanks for all you have done to make this net neutrality win possible so far!


Fight for the Future

P.S. To learn more, here are some articles:





P.S. for those who don't remember SOPA or the "Stop Online Piracy Act" was an internet censorship bill that was so bad and so heated that the entire internet protested by blacking out a bunch of popular websites including this 1 in protest
Yup, greedy companies are trying to take over / censor the internet for there own profit at our expense... again

Since I'm sure people don't want to read a long journal explaining this here's a link to a petition specking out against these company's… with a short explanason for those who ar'nt aware of what's going on below, If you sign the petition please help spreed the word so more people can sign the petition

Tech experts from every major advocacy group working to defend Internet users’ rights vehemently oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, but a trade association that represents major web companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Uber just endorsed it. The TPP was negotiated in complete secrecy by government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists from industries that hate the Internet–– including the ones that wrote terrible censorship bills like SOPA . It’s great for incumbent corporations, but terrible for individual internet users, startups, and the tech economy as a whole. The TPP would: Expand draconian copyright enforcement, undermining our privacy and the public domain without ensuring protections for free speech; Criminalize common practices like tinkering with or modifying devices, even for fair use purposes; Enable multi-national corporations to skirt the democratic process and use shadowy international tribunals to undermine Web users’ rights; Set a precedent that will encourage anti-Internet lobbyists like the ones who wrote SOPA to use trade agreements to push for bad Internet policy. There are powerful interests pushing to get the TPP passed through U.S. Congress, and it seems like they managed to pull a fast one on these Internet companies and get them to take a position that goes directly against their own interests and the interests of their users. Congress could vote on the TPP within a matter of weeks, and they’ll be watching closely how the public reacts to these companies’ statement. If enough of us speak out, we can get these companies to drop their support for this dangerous agreement, and stand up for the rights of their users and the future of the Internet we all love. Please sign the petition and share this widely right now.

again a link to that petition is…

a more detailed explanason can be found on the petition page in case your hesitate to sign it right away, but I urge people to at least visit the petition page and read up a bit more on this. As if the TPP go's thew the internet as we know it will be in grave danger of being destroyed!
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CISA: Internet users deluge House leadership with 50,000+ tweets after reports that Paul Ryan is trying to force a vote on controversial cyber bill this week

December 8, 2015

Contact: Evan Greer, 978-852-6457,

Internet users are furious about media reports indicating that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is manipulating Congressional process in an attempt to force a rushed vote on the final version of a controversial cyber-surveillance bill this week – and that the final language is even more draconian than expected, with the last vestiges of privacy protections stripped out.

Fight for the Future and other groups from across the political spectrum have been mobilizing Internet users to speak out about Ryan’s backroom dealing, demanding transparency in the process. Fight for the Future members alone have generated more than 50,000 tweets over the weekend focused on Ryan, and also calling for House Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul––a key player in the negotiations––to stand up to leadership.

“This is Congress at its worst,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, “Not only are they ignoring widespread public outcry and consensus from security experts that this bill will make us even more vulnerable to cyber attacks, they’re using a sneaky non-transparent process to force a rushed vote and keep the public, and even members of Congress, in the dark about what they’re really voting on.”

“Paul Ryan seems to care very little for his party’s concerns as he rushes a vote on a bill that would turn corporations into government spies,” added Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder of Fight for the Future.

People close to the negotiations indicate that the final text is more than 100 pages long. It’s hard to imagine how members of Congress can be expected to meaningfully review the language, or get input from experts, if leadership succeeds in pushing through a vote this week.

Digital rights group Fight for the Future has been at the forefront of opposition to CISA. Earlier this year they lead a series of high profile campaigns, sparking a backlash that resulted in major tech companies like Apple, Google, Twitter, Dropbox, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Yelp, and Salesforce coming out in opposition to the bill. They have also mobilized more than 15,000 websites for an online protest, and generated more than 6 million faxes to the Senate, along with hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls.

Other groups from across the political spectrum have opposed the bill, along with security experts. Below is a list of recent blog posts from groups opposing Paul Ryan’s attempt to rush CISA to a vote this week.


Campaign for Liberty:…

Fight for the Future:…

Electronic Frontier Foundation:…

American Library Association:…

Cory Doctorow:…

The Constitutional Alliance:…

Open The Government:…

Regardless of what happens with the cyber bill negotiations, any final bill will of course have to be signed by President Obama, who had previously promised to veto similar legislation without robust privacy protections. Fight for the Future and other groups will be demanding that Obama stand by his previous commitment, and calling for a veto on any bill that does not meet the White House’s previous standards.


Fight for the Future is a grassroots advocacy group with more than 1.4 million members that fights to protect the Internet as a powerful platform for freedom of expression and social change. They’re best known for organizing the massive online protests against SOPA, for net neutrality, and against government surveillance. Learn more at www.fightforthefuture.organd

Yup, that Cyber Spy Bill that no one wants and has been rejected multiple times only to come back again and again worse and worse is back again, and this is by FAR the worst version of it dus far

You want to help? If your in the USA contact congress and make sure they know that you nor anyone you know wants the bill and that the US public oposis the Bill

Then afterwords if you've got a bit of spare time, don't live in the US, and/or have Twitter you can also click here to tweet at Rep.Paul Ryan to slow down CISA. If you've got some spare time after that you can click here to also tweet at Rep. Mike McCaul, who is the other key player in these negotiations.

And if you really want to help make an impact here's some other, key members of the House who can help stop CISA from barrelling through without any meaningful review of the final text that you can also tweet.

EDIT: Fight for the Future has launched a potison campaign with it's own website to tell Obama "If you really care about the Internet and our right to free speech, veto CISA."a link to that can be found at:

A copy/paste of fightforthefuture's public statement on the matter witch was originally posted at:…

Final TPP text confirms worst fears: shadowy agreement poses a grave threat to the Internet and freedom of expression

November 5, 2015

Contact: Evan Greer, 978-852-6457,

Early this morning, the government of New Zealand released the final negotiated text of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP.)

Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, said, “Now that we can read the final TPP text, it’s obvious why it was kept in total secrecy for so long: this agreement is a wishlist for powerful special interests and multinational corporations. The Intellectual Property chapter confirms our worst first about the TPP’s impact on our basic right to express ourselves and access information on the Internet. If U.S. Congress signs this agreement despite its blatant corruption, they’ll be signing a death warrant for the open Internet and putting the future of free speech in peril.”

Fight for the Future has been at the forefront of a massive coalition of groups that oppose the TPP, and has organized a wide range of high profile actions against the agreement. As an organization that works to protect the Internet, many of our concerns focus on the Intellectual Property chapter, which reads as if it were written directly by by lobbyists from Hollywood, the record indsutry, and big pharmaceutical companies (because it was.)

Here are several sections of grave concern based on our initial read of the final released text. There are undoubtedly other serious issues in the TPP that will be surfaced as technologists and experts read more deeply.

Article 18.26: Term of Protection for Trademarks
Increases the minimum protection for trademarks to 10 years, forcing countries to follow the U.S. model on this rather than make their own trademark policy based on the public interest. This will limit technological innovation and could curtail affordable access to medicines or other basic necessities.

Article 18.37: Patentable Subject Matter
Allows for the patenting of “new methods of using a known product,” which essentially allows for unlimited patents from Pharmaceutical companies and will block affordable access to medicines and medical procedures and prevent innovation of better and more affordable healthcare procedures.

Article 18:28: Domain Names
This undermines anonymous online expression by requiring governments to keep a public database of real names and addresses associated with country code top level domain names, (such as .us, .au, .ca, etc). This is dangerous especially for the ability of opposition groups in repressive countries to voice their concerns online without fear of violent retribution.

Article 18.63: Term of Protection for Copyright and related Rights
This is one of the most egregious pieces of the deal. It forces the most draconian parts of the U.S.’s broken copyright system on the rest of the world without expanding protections for fair use and free speech. This section requires countries to enforce copyright until 70 years after the creator’s death. This will keep an enormous amount of information, art, and creativity out of the public domain for decades longer than necessary, and allow for governments to abuse copyright laws to censor online content at will, since so much of it will be copyrighted for so long.

Article 18.68: Technological Protection Measures
This section attempts to make it a crime to circumvent any “Digital Rights Management” (DRM) locks on a device, even if you own it. It could criminalize people who unlock their phones in order to use accessibility software, for example, or make it illegal to circumvent DRM on a computer in order to use Linux.

Article 18.69: Rights Management Information
This section criminalizes basic activities that involve removing a Rights Management marker, even if it’s done in the process of creating something totally legal. For example, cropping a photo that has a watermark on it in order to use it as part of a fair use creation or as part of a political protest. And yes, that does include if you give credit elsewhere (like the description of a YouTube video).

Article 18.78: Trade Secrets
Criminalizes the “unauthorized and willful disclosure of a trade secret including via a computer system.” This is clearly intended to stifle whistleblowers and journalism covering the documents they expose – it could criminalize, for example, The Guardian’s reporting on the documents they received from Edward Snowden.

Section J: Internet Service Providers
This is one of the worst sections that impacts the openness of the Internet. This section requires Internet Service Providers to play “copyright cops” and assist in the enforcement of copyright takedown requests – but it does not require countries to have a system for counter-notices, so a U.S company could order a website to be taken down in another country, and there would be no way for the person running that website to refute their claims if, say, it was a political criticism website using copyrighted content in a manner consistent with fair use.

Section J makes it so ISPs are not liable for any wrongdoing when they take down content – incentivizing them to err on the side of copyright holders rather than on the side of free speech.

Additionally, the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s chapter on investments includes intellectual property as a matter that can be included in investor-state dispute settlements (ISDS).

Article 9: Investor-State Dispute Settlement
No matter what else is in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this section makes it bad for people everywhere. It allows companies to sue governments — but not the other way around. These legally-binding challenges are decided by arbitrators hired for that case only, and investors have every reason to stack the cases with as many standards violations as they’d like. Intellectual property is just one of the many things that investors can bring suits over, but we could soon see cases of investors suing governments because they think punishments and rewards for copyright or trademark violations aren’t enough to satisfy them. Decisions that impact the future of the Internet should never be made in secretive international tribunals — especially not ad hoc ones.

Additional background:

Fight for the Future is a digital rights nonprofit that has driven more than 130,000 emails and more than 15,000 phone calls to Congress opposing the TPP  in recent months, rallied more than 7,500 websites for an online protest, and helped coordinate a letter to Congress from more than 250 tech companies expressing transparency and tech related concerns about Fast Track legislation.

The group made headlines in March when they flew a 30’ blimp over several of Senator Ron Wyden’s town hall meetings calling for him to “Save the Internet” by opposing Fast Track for the TPP, and then parked a Jumbotron on capitol hill to display the viral video they made about the stunt. More recently, Fight for the Future made a splash on the hill when they delivered actual rubber stamps to every house Republican’s office with a mock letter from President Obama asking Congress to “please rubber stamp my secret trade agenda.

if this is your 1st time hearing about it, heres a video explaining what it is:
A copy/paste of fightforthefuture's public statement on the matter:

Digital rights group Fight for the Future calls for Congress to Defund the corrupt U.S Trade Representative (USTR) in response to leaked text

This morning, Wikileaks released the final negotiated text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “Intellectual Property” chapter, confirming advocates warnings that the deal contains extreme copyright provisions and monopoly protections for large pharmaceutical companies that threaten online freedom of speech and affordable access to medicine.

Fight for the Future, a leading digital rights group that has opposed the TPP due to its utter lack of transparency and potential to lead to widespread Internet censorship, issued the following statement, which can be attributed to campaign director Evan Greer:

“The text of the TPP’s intellectual property chapter confirms advocates warnings that this deal poses a grave threat to global freedom of expression and basic access to things like medicine and information.

But the sad part is that no one should be surprised by this. It should have been obvious to anyone observing the process that this would be the result.  Appointed government bureaucrats and monopolistic companies were given more access to the text than elected officials and journalists; from the outset there was no way this was going to be a good deal for the public”

“Honestly, at this point, the only true course of action for members of Congress who still believe in democracy would be to completely defund and do away with the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR,) who are largely responsible for the TPP and its extremist contents. This agency become the laughing stock of Washington, DC and is one of the most blatant examples of a revolving door between industry and government. The contents of the TPP’s IP chapter were bought and paid for by Hollywood and the pharmaceutical industry before the negotiations even began.

The U.S.’s copyright system is corrupt and severely broken. But instead of trying to fix it, the USTR is trying to force these draconian policies on the rest of the world. We at Fight for the Future will fight to make sure that never happens, and we call upon the entire Internet to fight with us.”

Fight for the Future is a digital rights nonprofit that has driven more than 130,000 emails and more than 15,000 phone calls to Congress opposing the TPP  in recent months, rallied more than 7,500 websites for an online protest, and helped coordinate a letter to Congress from more than 250 tech companies expressing transparency and tech related concerns about Fast Track legislation.

The group made headlines in March when they flew a 30’ blimp over several of Senator Ron Wyden’s town hall meetings calling for him to “Save the Internet” by opposing Fast Track for the TPP, and then parked a Jumbotron on capitol hill to display the viral video they made about the stunt. More recently, Fight for the Future made a splash on the hill when they delivered actual rubber stamps to every house Republican’s office with a mock letter from President Obama asking Congress to “please rubber stamp my secret trade agenda.

Fight for the Future works to defend the Internet as a free and open platform for expression and creativity, and is best known for their role organizing the massive online protests against SOPA, the Internet Slowdown for net neutrality, and the Reset The Net campaign for online privacy, which was endorsed by Edward Snowden.

If this is your 1st time hearing about the TPP or the TTIP and are unaware of exactly they are see the following videos

This 1 for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):

and this video for the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP):


also to any Video Gamers reading this, here's how you can expect this chapter alone to effect you:

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Last week, the president, who claims he’s running the most transparent administration in history, went on the record saying there’s nothing secret in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as he asked Congress for special authority to “fast track” the agreement.

Trans Pacific Partnership: Obama ready to defy Democrats to push secretive trade deal

Today, President Obama will give another speech defending the TPP from critics who say the deal is a corporate power grab.

The TPP is a massive, legally binding, agreement involving 12 countries that has been negotiated entirely behind closed doors by government officials and industry lobbyists. The text of the TPP agreement is classified. The public can’t see it. Even members of Congress’ access to the text is severely restricted, and they face criminal prosecution if they tell their constituents what they’ve read.

In fact, the only portions of the TPP text the public is able to see are those released by Wikileaks, an organisation President Obama has all but personally chased to the ends of the earth. Thanks to the leaked draft texts, we know the TPP could impact everything from internet freedom, to jobs, to national sovereignty, and even how much we pay for the medicines we need.

WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership

Even those who favour opening up markets and liberalising trade oppose the TPP, since its backroom process inherently privileges incumbent industries, giving the largest companies even more market share and more power to set policies that stifle competition and innovation.

International agreements like the TPP, and the non-transparent Fast Track/Trade Promotion Authority process, provide the perfect venue for industry lobbyists to push for policies the general public would never accept if they were done in the open or attempted as legislation in Congress. Special interest groups like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) who helped write the resoundingly rejected Sopa and Pipa internet censorship bill are literally paying for a seat at the table, shaping the TPP to make sure it prioritises the profits and power of multinational corporations over people’s basic online rights to communicate and express themselves.

The latest draft of the TPP’s intellectual property chapter (which again, we only have access to thanks to Wikileaks) shows the Obama administration’s United States Trade Representative (USTR) is pushing for extremist copyright and internet policy provisions that would incentivize internet service providers to monitor more of their users’ activities, threatening online privacy. The TPP would also undermine “fair use” limitations intended to protect freedom of speech from overzealous copyright enforcement, harshen criminal prosecution for whistleblowers and journalists, and open the door for global internet censorship by setting up a system to remove allegedly “infringing” content from the web without a court order.

Not surprisingly, the public is less than thrilled to learn the government has been secretly negotiating a shadowy agreement in their name. The Obama administration has been taking heat from both the left and right. Hundreds of advocacy groups working on everything from digital rights to environmental issues to access to HIV medication have loudly condemned the TPP and the Fast Track bills that Congress is currently considering to speed it into law. Thousands of websites and tech companies have joined an online “internet vote” protest opposing the bill, and millions of internet users have spoken out, made phone calls, or attended protests demanding transparency and accountability in trade negotiations.

The Obama administration has been taking the heat, but it’s okay, because they have a plan. In order to convince a sceptical public that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not a secret corporate power grab that will send US jobs overseas and lead to internet censorship, President Obama will be giving a speech today at the headquarters of Nike, a company associated with offshoring American jobs.

Trans-Pacific Partnership will lead to a global race to the bottom | Rose Aguilar

Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, says his company has been “working closely with the US government” to get the TPP deal passed.

Today, when President Obama speaks at Nike HQ, there will be a protest outside. The protesters on the security perimeter won’t have access to the TPP text, or to the millions of dollars that companies are spending to lobby for Fast Tracking the global deal, but at least they’ll have an intact sense of irony, which is more than I can say for our nation’s president.

Help put a stop to the TPP by signing:…

and if you use Twitter you can also:…

Still don't get what the big deal is with the TPP, here's what it would do to the internet got passed into law put into simple bullet points…

A Thank you to: Fight for the Future for E-mailing me to let me know about this, out of full disclosure here's a copy paste of that E-mail

Dear Fight for the Future member,
President Obama says there’s “nothing secret” in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), even though the text is completely classified. Today, he’s giving a speech at Nike’s corporate headquarters to defend the TPP and ask Congress to “Fast Track” the deal. The Senate is planning a vote for Tuesday.
Oh, by the way. Nike is the #1 company lobbying for the TPP. [1]
I wrote an op-ed for The Guardian to highlight just how absurd this situation is. It just went up today and it’s already going viral. Will you give it a read and share it on social media?
Here’s the link:…
A lot of people will be talking about the TPP and Obama’s speech today. We need to make sure they understand the full picture. Can you help by sharing this article?……
Not on social media? Just forward this email to some friends!
Thanks for all you’ve done fighting Fast Track for the TPP. We’ll be in touch soon as the first vote approaches in the Senate!
-Evan at FFTF
P.S. Our friend Casey Oppenheim, founder of the privacy company, also wrote… today calling for Nancy Pelosi to take a firm stand against Track for the TPP. One really helpful thing you could do is to…
Want more awesome more often?
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Alarm bells are ringing. We just got word from our allies in DC that U.S. Congress is getting ever closer to cutting a deal to secretively “Fast Track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), a massive trade deal where decisions that affect the global future of the Internet are made behind closed doors. [1]

We need to act swiftly and strike hard. Will you call Senator Ron Wyden right now and tell him: “Please don’t betray the Internet! No Fast Track for the TPP”

Here’s his number: 202-224-5244

Can’t call? Click here to send him an email or tweet at him!

We don’t know exactly what’s in the TPP, because the U.S. government has been blocking the release of the text [2], but we do know who has a seat at the table and is helping write the sections on copyright and Internet policy: the MPAA and RIAA. [3] Yep, the same folks that brought us SOPA.

We also know from leaked versions of the text that the TPP would lead to a more censored, policed, and expensive Internet for everyone, and have all kinds of other side effects on things like access to medicine, online privacy, and even whistleblower protections. [4]

But there’s good news. One of the key Senators involved with this deal is Ron Wyden, from Oregon. He’s been a strong ally on most Internet freedom issues, and was one of the first politicians to openly oppose SOPA, back before that was the cool thing to do.

Senator Wyden should be on our side on this issue, but he hasn’t heard from enough Internet users to make him feel like it’s a real Internet freedom issue. We need to change that. And fast.

Call Senator Wyden right now at 202-224-5244 or Click here to email or tweet him.

We are healing a Fast Track bill could be introduced as early as next month. Once that happens, it will be close to impossible to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Our best shot at stopping this thing and saving the Internet is if we can keep Senator Wyden from making that deal in the first place.

That’s why we’re emailing you today, and that’s why I’m asking you, personally, to PLEASE take action right now. Call Senator Wyden right now to say NO Fast Track for the TPP.

Dial 202-224-5244 or Click here to email or tweet him through our handy dandy action page.

Thanks, Internet!  We’ve proven over and over again that when we fight, we win. Let’s keep it up!

For the web,
-Evan at FFTF

P.S. Need a primer on the TPP and what the biggest problems with it are? Check out this great blog bost by our friends over at EFF or retweet this great mini-infographic we made

If you ar'nt familiar with what the TPP is see [Plz help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership] to find out as well as lurn of some other ways you can help stop it, put simply thoth if it go's thew the recent victory for Net Neutrality will be meaningless

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Grassroots Securing Net Neutrality: More Than One Million Calls, Emails to Congress & FCC in 2015

The numbers send a clear message in support of an open internet to Congress and FCC in advance of Feb. 26 vote

WASHINGTON, DC – People across the country are taking a strong stand for net neutrality, and have generated more than one million actions in  just the first seven weeks of 2015. In large numbers, they are emailing, calling, and signing petitions to their lawmakers and the FCC. These grassroots actions are in addition to the four million comments submitted to the FCC in 2014. The massive show of support stands in stark contrast to the lobbying and advertising campaigns financed by cable giants like Comcast and trade associations like NCTA.

A diverse coalition of net neutrality supporters— including Color of Change, CREDO, Daily Kos, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, Free Press,, and Mozilla—announced the new numbers today and released the following statement:

“More than one million people have stood up for net neutrality in the last seven weeks, which shows how deeply engaged the public is with this issue. The public overwhelmingly rejects internet fast lanes for the rich and slow lanes for the rest of us.

“Congress should follow the will of the people and stop trying to interfere with the FCC. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and NCTA should stop pouring money into Congress, false ads and lobbyists in their last ditch attempt to undermine the public will.”

A breakdown of the numbers released on today’s call is below:

TOTAL January 1 – February 18, 2015: 1,023,296

Emails & Petitions to Congress: 716,950

Calls to Congress: 120,710

Emails & Petitions to FCC: 75,834

Emails & Petitions to Others (NCTA, CTIA): 109,80

This Thursday the FCC will vote on the fucere of Net Neutrality, if they vote no Net Neutrality will be killed and everyone (exipt major cable company's like Comcast) will be affected negatively, it will cost more $ to get slower internet, and sites the big cable company's don't want you to visit for whatever reason and sites that are unwilling to pay the ISP's and cable company's an extra premium "don't reduce our internet speed to molasses" fee will be slowed down to the point were it will take houers to load a single web page. Plz contact your local ISP Provider and the FCC, as well as any US congress members that you feel might possibly be against Net Neutrality or are receiving handouts to act in there best interests to tell them that you will not stand by and let them effectively destroy the internet and to vote yes to save Net Neutrality

For more info on this and to find out how else you can help see the following link:

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Net neutrality activists who organized the Internet Slowdown protest announce next campaign: the Internet Countdown, starting today

Coalition behind call for websites and Internet users to join sustained “countdown” protest until FCC vote on February 26th

Exactly one month before the FCC’s presumed vote on Title II net neutrality rules, the digital rights groups behind the September 10th Internet Slowdown protest announced a new campaign today: the Internet Countdown.

See the campaign landing page here:

The Internet Countdown is a sustained effort where websites will display a countdown timer that literally counts down the seconds to the FCC vote on February 26th, and allows visitors to click to take action at in support of full net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

The details of the protest were unveiled this morning, and the organizers plan to announce participants in a rolling fashion as they join the Internet Countdown effort. The first site to join after the announcement this morning was Daily Kos, which, with more than 8 million unique monthly visitors, is one of the largest progressive news sites on the web.

The Internet Countdown is being organized by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Free Press, supported by the many of the groups involved with

In September, the same groups organized the Internet Slowdown, an internet-wide uprising in support of Title II net neutrality that involved more than 40,000 websites including many of the largest on the web. The protest successfully drove more than 770,000 comments to the FCC and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to Congress in a single day.

“We are closer than ever to winning real net neutrality protections that will keep the Web open for generations to come, and the Internet is literally counting down the seconds,” said Fight for the Future Campaign Director Evan Greer, “We call on Internet users, cat video posters, music bloggers, youtube karaoke stars, and major websites to unite for one more epic push to make sure that the FCC does the right thing and that corrupt members Congress can’t derail the process.”

“This is it: All hands on deck for the open Internet,” said Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal.The ISPs are among the most hated companies in America, but they’re still loved by the politicians whose campaigns they back.  We know that they won’t relent in their opposition to net neutrality, and so we cannot relent in our active support for the cause, even as we feel optimistic about our chances.”

“Strong net neutrality protections are essential to the survival of Daily Kos and all independent media outlets. Without net neutrality, ISPs would be free to stifle or elevate voices based on their own corporate interests,” said Rachel Colyer, Senior Campaign Director at Daily Kos.”This is why we are part of the Internet Countdown—the FCC must do the right thing. We encourage our community to participate in the Democratic process by showing solidarity for strong net neutrality rules written at the FCC and based on Title II authority.”

“After close to a decade of fighting to save the Internet, we’re closer than ever to finally securing real Net Neutrality,” said Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron. “Millions of people have called on Congress and the FCC to put the public need for an open Internet before the demands of Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. Because of the passion and commitment of Internet users, the FCC seems poised to make new policies that will protect the public. But the industry lobbyists haven’t given up yet. And that’s why we must keep up the pressure in these crucial few weeks before a final vote.”

Websites and Internet users can learn more about how to participate in the Internet Countdown at

Please help protect Net Neutrality, share and/or re-blog this or the original post (link below) and join the campaign linked to above. If we all work together we can save
Net Neutrality. If we don't we risk losing it forever. So no to refused internet speeds and inflated internet costs!

Original Post:…

Re-bloged from

The battle over net neutrality in the U.S. is coming to a final showdown, and the outcome will affect every Internet user in the world. One year ago today, Verizon’s lawyers got our net neutrality protections struck down in court. [1]

Since then, we’ve unleashed an Internet-sized can of whoop-ass on the FCC, the White House, fence-sitting tech giants, Team Cable lobbyists, and anyone else standing in the way of keeping the Internet open and unfettered by corporate and government interference.

Click here to tell Congress to stand with the Internet or get out of the way!

The online free speech movement has gained so much ground that Comcast and Verizon are now begging the FCC to implement the rules that just a year ago today they sued to strike down. [2]

We’re winning. We we’re winning so hard. There’s literally only one thing that can stop us now: partisan nonsense in Congress.

I know what you’re thinking: partisan nonsense in Congress can ruin ANYTHING. You’re right. That’s why we’re pulling out the stops on this one. We made every member of Congress their very own website showing where they stand on net neutrality. Are they with the public or in bed with corporate monopolies that want to regulate the Internet?

Click here to find out if your member of Congress is helping kill net neutrality. Then share.

Congress knows that the public is overwhelmingly in support of net neutrality. We need to let them know that there will be political consequences for any politician who betrays the open Internet. These sites are just the first part of the plan, but they’re exactly the kind of attention politicians don’t like. It’s like if we put up giant billboards with their faces on them, except it only costs a couple bucks per site :-)

Congress has been scared of the Internet ever since SOPA. Let’s keep it that way.


[1]: Jon Brodkin. “Net neutrality is half-dead: Court strikes down FCC’s anti-blocking rules”. Ars Technica.…

[2] Kate Cox. “ISPs to FCC: No, Seriously, We Will Sue If You Use Title II Like The White House Just Asked”. The Consumerist.…

Also a side note: Comcast’s buddies in Congress are trying to pass a shady law called “Title X.” that if passed would take away the FCC's power to make a decision on the fate of Net Neutrality and hand it directly over to the Cable industry.

For more info on this potencol new “Title X.” law and a potisson against it see:…

Plz help spreed this info as far as you can to help insure that Net Neutrality is protected. If you don't know what Net Neutrality is see this journal: Net Neutrality is in danger! SAVE THE INTERNET!
(but in a nut shell it's an important thing built into the net that make sure cable company's can't censor parts of the net by making web sites they don't want you to see take hours to make a single web page load and/or putting them behind a pay wall wile speeding up there own websites.)

Go to:…
to help speck out against the TPP

What is the TPP and why should you care you ask?
Watch this video:

And/Or go to:… to find out more

Again the links to the 3 positions were you can speck out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership are:…

[If you know of any more let me know and I'll add links to them below]
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Net neutrality is not a partisan issue. Since the Internet was built it’s been based on a few basic principles: like the idea that everyone’s data should move at the same speed, and no government or corporation should interfere or decide what you can see and do online.

That’s not a liberal or conservative idea. It’s just a good idea. Everyone from venture capitalists to environmentalists support it. [1]

But now that we’re potentially days away from getting a rule to prevent Cable company F*$kery, monopolies like Comcast and Verizon are doubling down on manipulating the process: they’re calling in all their favors in Congress by tapping the offices of everyone they donated to. [2] And, it’s working.

Despite net neutrality being obvious policy, their pals in Congress are working to screw things up again by making this into a partisan circus, and unleashing Cable propaganda. All to take focus away from the facts: the Internet has thrived with net neutrality for 20 years, and we need to keep the net neutral to keep it awesome.

Tell Congress you’re not fooled by Comcast’s lies and won’t tolerate partisan nonsense. Click here to take action.

Fortunately, the public isn’t fooled. We know that net neutrality is not “regulating the Internet.” It’s just ground rules that PREVENT mega-corporations like Comcast and governments from regulating the Internet in their own interest.

This Friday is the last day for the FCC to come out with a proposal for full Title II reclassification. If they don’t, part of the blame rests with Congress, who have been muddying the waters on this issue even though there is a clear public consensus.

Sign the petition to your lawmakers: tell them you’re not fooled by lies or partisan politics and you want them to support real net neutrality.

We’re close. Really close. But this fight is going to get uglier before we win. FOIA’d documents that were just released show just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and just how cozy the relationship between the FCC and the telecoms really is. [3] Stay vigilant. Check your facts. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet and DEFINITELY don’t believe what you see on Cable TV.

We’ve come this far — we’ve taken Title II reclassification from something that was impossible to something that now seems nearly inevitable. We’re ready to take it home and we’re proud to have you on the team.

Please share widely with all your networks and encourage your friends and family to email Congress this week!

-Evan at FFTF

P.S. We put together a quick website as an easy resource to counteract Cable lies about net neutrality. Check it out and share! Let us know if you have other Cable lies we should debunk there.

[1] Battle for the Net.…

[2] Furnas, Alexander and Lee Drutman. “How telecoms and cable have dominated net neutrality lobbying”. Sunlight Foundation.…

[3] Leopold, Jason. “Net neutrality emails reveal cozy ‘social network’ between FCC and telecoms”. Vice Magazine.…

Fight for the Future works to excite the Internet to fight for the public good, our basic rights and freedoms. Founded in 2011, we’re known for effective, viral organizing and mass engagement through the distributed organizing platforms we’ve built, including the SOPA protests in the winter of 2011-2012 and the Internet Defense League. For more information, visit or our Facebook and Twitter pages.
For those reading this who are unaware of what is going on with Net Neutrality being in danger or even what Net Neutrality is see this journal: "Net Neutrality is in danger! Help save the net!" before continuing to read this

The FCC's plan that they are currently working to enact has recently been revealed and it's not good, if it go's into effect it will make it LOOK like Net Neutrality is saved, but at the same time will still lets Cable companies control and censor the Internet would give cable companies the power to slow & break the sites you love. Thay need to be stopped and here's how YOU can help!

1) Sign this petition: to tell google to stop being silent in regards to Net Neutrality and to speck out in defence of it. Regardless of whether you love or hate Google they are a major company who's influence can help tilt the tables in flavor of protecting Net Neutrality. Thay helped in the fight against SOPA, but have remained silent in regards to this bigger threat.

2) Sign this letter: telling the FCC & the big cable companies to stop trying to destroy Net Neutrality and reclassify it as a Title II Common carrier service dus making it almost impossible for big cable companies to destroy it

3) If you live in the US use this tool: to phone the FCC and tell them to save Net Neutrality and stop trying to kill it directly

4) If you live in the Washington DC area or will be in that area on November 6th you can make an RSVP at:… for a protest taking place on November 6th at Lafayette Park (North Front of the White House) at 6pm EST
If you can't make it then you can still help by gathering along with your friends near your closest government building or Cable company office to you and take a picture with your cell phones, candles, and/or flashlights aloft in protest.

5) Spreed the word about the above 4 things, to everyone you know wherever you can. The more people speck out in flavor of Net Neutrality the harder it will be for FCC & the big cable companies to destroy it.

If we all do out part we can save the internet!

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Urgent: there are just a few days left to stop Comcast from taking over Time Warner Cable and controlling most of the Internet. Click here to take action now.

This one really requires no explanation. The most hated company in the US is trying to take over the second most hated company in the US, in a move that would raise our cable and Internet bills, stifle online free speech, and make them one of the most powerful lobbies in history. [1]

This merger is bad for EVERYONE, and there is tons of opposition, even from within the FCC. We have a real chance at stopping this but we have to act quickly. [2]

The deadline is next week! Click here to stop Comcast in its tracks.

Comcast is already the largest and most powerful opponent of net neutrality, online privacy, and Internet freedom. They’ve been caught several times abusing their “gatekeeper” power as an Internet provider to further their own interests. [3] If the FCC lets Comcast forcibly absorb Time Warner Cable — the second largest Internet provider in the U.S. — they will control access to information in nearly 6 of 10 people’s homes (more if you’re only counting truly high speed Internet). [4]

Millions of you have sent comments to the FCC in support of net neutrality. We’re asking for your help again because if this merger goes through, Comcast gets even more powerful — in the marketplace, online, and in Washington, DC. If we don’t stop this takeover right now, we’ll be fighting an uphill battle on net neutrality and online free speech for years to come.

Will you sign? Click here to submit a comment opposing the Comcast merger.

After you sign, please forward this email to everyone you know and share the petition on social media.

Here’s the link one last time:

Thanks for all that you do,
-Tiffiniy Cheng
Fight for the Future


  1. Brad Reed. “Massive survey finds Comcast and TWC are the two most hated companies in America – period”. BGR.…

  2. Brendan Sasso. “FCC Chief: Cable Companies Are Wrong About Internet Competition”. National Journal.…

  3. Cecilia Kang. “Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger faces a grilling in Washington this week”. Washington Post.…

  4. S. Derek Turner and Matt Wood. “Petition to deny free press”. Free Press.…

If you want more information on what such a merger would bring or would just like to understand this better see:…

Plz sign the petition, and 1se you do plz share and re-post this everywhere so we can to stop this merger from happening

Note: A link to an IMPORTANT UPDATE to this can be found at the end of this journal!

A wile back ISP's and major cable corporations tried to do away Net Neutrality so that they could effectively destroy the internet!

Well there at it again. If this go's thew anyone unwilling to pay these company's extra will have there internet slowed down to a crawl. Even if you don't live in the US this will still effect you if you try to use sites that are hosted in the US (and this includes DeviantArt by the way) as your ability to use these sites will also be hampered. And even if you don't live in the US or use sites that are hosted in the US (witch if your reading this, you do as DeviantArt is one such site) it's highly likely that if the US destroys Net Neutrality in there country the rest of the world will take notice and soon evry other country (likely including the one you live in) will start doing away with Net Neutrality as well.

If you want more info on what Net Neutrality is and how it will effect you if it's destroyed read:…
and/or watch this very insightful (and entertaining at the same time) video:

If you want to find out what you can do to help save Net Neutrality then here's what you can do:
1) Sign this petition: (along with this one:… )
2) Post comments on the FCC's comment's page (the company that currently maintains the internet) @
3) Spreed the word about this in any way you can (ex. re-posting this journal, telling everyone you know about this, posting your own stuff about this on other sites, ext.)


Important Update:…