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Sorry about the title, limited tile space and all

anyways I received this letter in my E-mail from internet actavest group Fight for the Future, and felt it was worth sharing both cos of good news in regards to the fight for Net Neutrality, and to bring to light something else that threatens it

For those who don't understand what Net Neutrality is, here's a video by Stephen Colbert explaining it

now that you hopefully understand at least a little better what Net Neutrality is without further ado, here's a copy paste of that E-mail


Today is the day!

The top appeals court in the US just decided in favor of the net neutrality rules we fought so hard to win. Net neutrality is the law of the land and one of the cable industry’s best shots at overturning the rules has come up empty.

Net neutrality, or the open Internet, says that no company can slow down or block websites as a basic first amendment rule of the Internet. Now, the courts just decided that the strongest possible way to protect that rule—the worst-case scenario envisioned by Comcast—is completely and fully legal!

Being told this win was impossible is a sting we can still feel today. But after we worked together to submit a record breaking 4 million comments to the FCC, camped out at their headquarters, called for Title II when we had little political cover, and brought together thousands of companies to take action with us, we got the largest win against entrenched interests this decade.

But this isn’t over. Partisan and heavily-funded attacks have been piling up. Make a monthly donation so we can build the campaigns that reach millions more people and definitively undermine their plans.

Can’t donate right now?

Take action to make sure the FCC doesn't allow new ISP schemes that can undermine net neutrality.

Fight for the Future signed on as intervenors in the USTelecom vs FCC case, so it's especially nice to win this one. This watershed victory reminds us we can break down the status quo and win big if we stay tenacious. (Here's a little refresher on how we won.)

But—surprise!—this fight is not over.

There is still a giant loophole in the net neutrality rules that we need the FCC to fix. If we don’t, net neutrality could be undermined by “sponsored data” programs and the Internet could become less open than if we never won the rules in the first place.

Then there’s Congress. Earlier today, House Speaker Paul Ryan released his legislative blueprint that includes plans to weaken the FCC’s authority to enforce net neutrality.

And last but not least, the broadband industry has already said they are going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Clearly, we need to keep fighting. But we need your help.

Take action to make sure the FCC doesn't create fast lanes by allowing “sponsored data” programs.


Donate today so we can keep this fight alive until net neutrality is secured for good.

Want to see how this fight was won—we made this timeline of the fight so you can do that!

Thanks for all you have done to make this net neutrality win possible so far!


Fight for the Future

P.S. To learn more, here are some articles:





P.S. for those who don't remember SOPA or the "Stop Online Piracy Act" was an internet censorship bill that was so bad and so heated that the entire internet protested by blacking out a bunch of popular websites including this 1 in protest
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