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Last Update: Aug, 15, 2014
{Note: the above date represents the last update to this list period. not the last MAJOR [notify the people watching me] update to this list. Also only super important things (like these notes) are marked as such, basic changes to the list like new items on the list. or something getting move to a different category are not marked as such. but are changed}

The following is a listing of projects I have planed and/or as working on that I've made for 2 reasons
  1.  So that I can keep track of (and not forget about) all the things that I'm working on and have planed
  2.  So the people who are watching me can get an idea of stuff I plan to do and get updates on the stuff I'm currently working on

each item on the list will have 1 of the following marks after there listing with designates what kind of project it is
  • (T) = A Traditional Art project
  • (V) = A Vector digital art Project
  • (D) = A non-Vector digital art project
  • (L) = A literature project
  • (O) = A project that dos'nt fit within the above 4 category and/or 1 that I'm outsourcing to other people to do
  • (Y) = Yu-Gi-Oh card based Project
also some projects may have multiple letters, that means the project is of multiple types
(For example: (VD) means that it's a Vector digital art Project that will be finished as a A non-Vector digital art project)

The listing part of this journal will be given minor updates on a semi-reguler bases and a major (you get notafyed if your watching my journals) update every now and again (Probably 1'se every few month's assuming enough things have changed since the last major update)

Everything has also been categorized info the following 4 or 5 category's:
  • Main Working Projects: This is stuff I'm currently working on in some way shape or from
  • On hold Projects: Stuff that I've started to at lest somewhat of a degree, but have stopped activity working on so that I can focus on my Main Working Projects. But will eventually get back to and finish when certen main projects are finished
  • Planed Projects: Stuff I want to do, but haven't reely started on yet (usually cos I want to focus on my Main Planed projects 1st). These projects are not guaranteed to ever happen.
  • Canceled Projects: Stuff that I planed or started before discarding. Stuff in this category is unlikely to ever happen. If you'd like more info on any such project let me know and I'll explain and/or give you any leftovers there may be for sead project for you to use as you see fit (so long as you give credit were credit is due). Note however in the event that if enough people ask me to un-cancel any such project, I'll at least consider it. But if there's something in this category you don't want me to cancel please say so before it's deleted from the list. Stuff in this category will be deleted roughly sometime after the 2ed major update to this journal or when the chances of me ever un-canceling it becomes 0% (whichever comes last).:new:
  • Current Plan: A single short(ish) paragraph of text giving a more detailed plan of what I'm doing (project wise), this part will only be updated for Major Updates, but when it is updated, the old paragraph will be deleted as to not clutter up this page with unneeded info (this replaces the Recently finished secon witch has been permanently removed)

Anything marked with a "New" symbol has been newly added, modified in some notable way that wernts a 2ed look, or has changed categorys since the last major update

*NOTE: {I might delete this category later on, I'll keep it for now due to recent things that happened, but if you want me to keep for later on say so. cos if you don't it might not be here after the next MAJOR update of this list}



  • Sparkler / Jack's Ordeal caricter artwork (O) [basic plan: get a routh idea of how I want each pic. to look and then commission artwork for each caricter with a budget of 40 points Max per commission (if you know a good artiest who dos Pokemon art commissions for 40 points or less, or would be probably be willing to haggle to around that price let me know and I'll look him/her up)]
  • Pokeumans Admin duty's (O)
  • Pokeumans First World Problems 2 [Colab with xXunovianXx ][not sure on the acuol status of this project, or even sure if it's still happening] (L)
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon (O)
  • Casual Requests (O) :new:
  • Helix And Dome Alpaca Lamas (Y) :new:
  • floraverse Gormit contest [3 way colab]
  • PMD-U Team Story line and group pertisapason (TVDL) [Minauol priority project]
  • :new: Possessed Pikachu Poke Doll Banette [PMD-U] (D)
  • :new: Ref. Sheet for my floraverse caricter Baxter (mostly T)
  • :new: Updating the Pokeumans FAQ list so it's up to date (O) [update in private draft from for now until complete]
  • Protesting ageist the abolishment of Net Neutrality see for more info

On hold Projects

  • Commissions (TDVO) (coming soon)
  • Artwork of "Paul the Gangar" from:
  • PMD-U Team Dark Blood Official Art & Witten App's (DL) [this depends on if I can finish the "PMD-U Team Dark Blood PLACEHOLDER Final Art & Witten App's" in time]
  • PMD-U NPC Team Art App. Meme (VD)
  • PMD-U NPC Witten App. Meme (L)
  • :new:Meme tag by Spoonerdog
  • :new:Meme tag by GraceFireMange
  • :new:(Crack) PMD-U Daycare meme F. (Twist Edwords & Grace the Zorua) [D]
  • Pokeumans Troll the Comic (TD) [2/8 pages ready, will be uploaded over the cose of 1 week when all pages are ready][Will resume work on it AS SOON as certen other things on the main working projects list are done]
  • :new: Possessed Poke Doll Banettes (VD) [Part 1 done, Part 2 will be be done in 8 main parts sepritely over an extended period of time as well as a few specol parts the number of witch will depend on how meany groups I end up spiting the 8 individual caricters between]
  • Zo the Zroark Official Artwork (TD) [Being worked on casually inbetwen pokeumans admin stuff and Pokeumans Troll the Comic]
  • PMD-U Team Dark Blood M1 (part 2) Aftermath Comic (D)
  • Internet Activism for the protection of the internet (O) [Until they try pulling something else, I know there going to try again sooner or later]
  • Original Art Prints (O)
  • floraverse Caricter App. Meme (L & VD versions)
  • floraverse Spicis "Blob Eye" (?) (TVD)
  • Out off stuff to do requests (Mostly T, but can be any format) [will be a list of stuff I can do when I want to draw something but have nothing to do, with no time frame for when (if ever) it will get done]
  • Sparkler Ch. 7 (L) [planed out but not started yet, will come after Sparkler Ch. 6]
  • floraverse Spicis "Zom Goo" (TVD)
  • Pokeumans Project Blueprint (D)
  • PMD-U NPC Art App. Meme (VD)
  • DA Gallery folder organization (O)
  • Hybrid Labs Adpopdaboles (T) [Prity much ready to lunch as soon as I am, thoth that might still be a wile]
  • Lama cards (Y) [On hold until Pokeumans Troll the Comic is done]
  • Main Series Lama Card's (DY)
  • "Insanity of the Evil Lama" Set (tentative name) [2 out of ? cards done] (DY)
  • "Attack of the Lama's 1" Set (tentative name) [A colicson of most of the gift series lama cards I've given away dus far] (DY)
  • "The Mad Lama doctor" (tentative name) [Backstory origin set thing] (DY)
  • Random assorted Lama cards I've got idea's but no pic's for (Y)

Planed Projects

  • PMD-EoB Team App and member pertisapason
  • Pokeumans TOS series (main project on hold till Jacks Ordeal and Sparkler are done)
  • Pokeumans LM Chronicles (main project on hold till Jacks Ordeal and Sparkler are done)
  • Pokeumans Interviewer: The meme (L)
  • Stuff about me (TVDL)
  • SSB4 (What if the SSB4 or 5 roster was comprised ONLY of Pokemon Caricters) Pokemon Roster (DL)
  • Some contest's (O)
  • Hexels (A free program I required a wile back) stuff (D)
  • Lama Card sets
  • "Mighty Morphen Lama Rangers" (tentative name) Set (Y)
  • "Team Fortress Lama" Set (Y) [A vastly downscaled combination of the core concept for the canceled "Team Fortress Lama" Sets]
  • More gift/prize lama cards
  • floraverse (other sper of the moment spices ideas)
  • floraverse Project Poke-Flora conversion (TDO) [send me your pokemon caricter and I'll try to turn it into a original(ish) caricter that can be used in Floraverse or other non-pokemon groups
  • Non Lama based Yu-Gi-Oh Projects (Y)
  • Pokeuman Yu-Gi-Oh card requests (Y)
  • PMD-U Yu-Gi-Oh card requests (Y)
  • "Darkzone Nimanators" (original set) (Y)
  • "Attack of the Memes" [a set that aims to take internet memes and turn them into lajidamit Yu-Gi-Oh cards] (Y)
  • "Super Smash Bro's Rise of the Subspace Embacary" [a set that would be based off the Subspace embacary from SSBB like Tabu and including caricter cards from certen game series that play a large and/or very inportenit role in the story]
  • "Super Smash Bro's World of Trofys" [A set based on the less Subspase Embacary aspect focused things regarding the super Smash bro's series like Master Hand, playable caricter cards not found in the "Super Smash Bro's Rise of the Subspace Embacary" set, ext.] (Y)
  • Pokemon series based Yu-Gi-Oh set (Y)
  • "Soal Eater: Witch's covanen" (set) (Y)
  • "Battle for Cyberspace" (original set) (Y)

Canceled Projects

  • SSB4/5 Ideas: Tingle moveset & caricter judafcason Tingle?! (L) [If enough people tell me they want to see this I will UN-cancel it]
  • SSB4 Roster Ver. 1.0 (D)
  • SSB4 Ideas: De-cloneing and judafying Zelda & Toon Zelda (L) [now Irreverent]
  • SSB4 Ideas: De-cloneing and judafying Link & Toon Link (L) [now Irreverent]
  • SSB4 Ideas: DLC caricter idea's and justifications [now Irreverent]
  • SSB4/5 (What if the SSB4 roster was comprised ONLY of Legend of Zelda Caricters) LoZ Roster (DL) (What if the SSB4 roster was comprised ONLY of Legend of Zelda Caricters)[If a lot of people tell me they want to see me do this I'll UN-cancel this]
  • PMD-E Group story/comic series thing (mostly D & L maybe SOME T and/or V)-Calender Template set [incomplete beta available now in scraps] (D) (done enough to be used, but the final version will be uploaded when some of the above main working projects are done)
  • "Team Fortress Lama Red" Set, "Team Fortress Lama Blue" Set ,"Team Fortress Lama Yellow" Set, "Team Fortress Lama Purple" Set, & -"Team Fortress Lama Gray" Set (Y)
  • 100 Theme Challenge requests (TVD) [still choosing themes I'll use]
  • Pokeumans Drawing meme (D) [I don't even remember what this would have been, likely something I could have done as a more open (not exclusive to pokeumans meme)]
  • Super 100 giveaway (O)
  • Project Shimi (D)
  • Custom made original 100 Theme Challenge list (L)
  • "Soal Eater: Death Mister Academy" (set) (Y)
  • "Legend of Zelda: Triforce of Curige" (A Yu-Gi-Oh set based around Link) (Y)
  • "Legend of Zelda: Triforce of Wisdom" (A Yu-Gi-Oh set based around Zelda, Link's companions, and some outher related stuff) (Y)
  • "Legend of Zelda: Triforce of Power" (A Yu-Gi-Oh set based around the evil of Hirule [Ganon] and the lands beyond) (Y)
  • "The Legend of Zelda: Kooloo-Limpah" (A Yu-Gi-Oh set based around based around some... other things within the Legend of Zelda unavece) (Y)
  • Kirby series based Yu-Gi-Oh set
  • Mario series based Yu-Gi-Oh set
  • "Yu-Gi-Oh Revival of the Oricalcos" (A set that aims to recreate all the cards conicted to the coricolos ark from the anime) (Y)
  • "Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Warriors of Adlanits" (A set that aims to recreate all the cards connected to the legendary dragon champions from the Oricalcos ark of the anime) (Y)

Current Update

The last update plan did'nt pan out quite as intended, but the majority of what I needed to do has been dealt with. Project Poke Doll has been fully revealed including the 2 specol TPP Banettes, I will shortly get around to making a few lama cards of something from TPP (no I am not ready to resume my main lama cards project right now, I have sevrol other higher priority on hold projects that I need to get out of the way 1st, but don't worry I WILL be resuming that as soon as those are done), after that I'm going to be setting up a major update to the Pokeumans FAQ list. Certen salect commissions from me have been reopened. You can find more info about that @ I know the list is kinda sloppy looking right now, I do plan to fix that when I've got a few other working projects out of the way but in the mean time don't hesatate to ask for a commission if you want to. I've also opened up some casual requests witch you can find out about @ the casual requests take low priority over the other stuff I'm doing, Pokeumans admin duty's and Commissions take the highest priority. Also if you've taken the time to read this plz comment telling me so as well as anything elce related to this list that you might want to say. Cos the jernol veaw cont dos'nt tell me how meany people actually take the time to read this part and if no one dos then I might end up scrap this secson of this list cos no one cares about it
  • Listening to: Corprite Bull****!
  • Reading: Pokemon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire Manga
  • Watching: Twitch Plays Pokemon
  • Playing: Drawn to Life The Next Ch.
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